Energy Equipment & Services
Oil & Gas DrillingDrilling contractors or owners of drilling rigs that contract their services for drilling wells.

Oil & Gas Equipment & ServicesManufacturers of equipment, including drilling rigs and equipment, and providers of supplies and services to companies involved in the drilling, evaluation and completion of oil and gas wells.

Sub-Industries: 2
    Oil, Gas & Consumable Fuels
Integrated Oil & GasIntegrated oil companies engaged in the exploration & production of oil and gas, as well as at least one other significant activity in either refining, marketing and transportation, or chemicals.

Oil & Gas Exploration & ProductionCompanies engaged in the exploration and production of oil and gas not classified elsewhere.

Oil & Gas Refining & MarketingCompanies engaged in the refining and marketing of oil, gas and/or refined products not classified in the Integrated Oil & Gas or Independent Power Producers & Energy Traders Sub-Industries.

Oil & Gas Storage & TransportationCompanies engaged in the storage and/or transportation of oil, gas and/or refined products. Includes diversified midstream natural gas companies, oil and refined product pipelines, coal slurry pipelines and oil & gas shipping companies.

Coal & Consumable FuelsCompanies primarily involved in the production and mining of coal, related products and other consumable fuels related to the generation of energy. Excludes companies primarily producing gases classified in the Industrial Gases sub-industry and companies primarily mining for metallurgical (coking) coal used for steel production.

Sub-Industries: 5
Industries: 2
Industry Groups: 1

Sectors: 1